Hey! I don’t know what day of the week it is as you read this article, but when I wrote this it was a Monday. One of those Mondays you wake up and there’s a whole lot to do, and a whole lot you wish could be better; to at least make work easy.

One of the things I enjoy doing is texting from my laptop or desktop. For me, it’s really easy because I have this whole wide keyboard to myself and I can type as fast as the ‘flash’ … lol. But seriously, it’s really convenient, smartphone onscreen keypads can get really clumsy at times and you wish you could do so much faster.

So, where did I stop? Yes, I had so many chats to reply to on Instagram, clients all over the place – I didn’t want to hold my phone, I needed to be stuck on to my desktop doing my sh*t, so I said, let’s Google this!

So I went on to search for tools I can use to reply to Instagram DM’s on my desktop and guess what? I found one! and it’s much more amazing than I expected. I knew this would make a blog post anyways, so I had to try it out first to be sure it’s not some tool someone wanted to use to ‘hack’ accounts. Good enough I found it’s open source and they had their code hosted on github, pretty much some good reputation to me.

Well, my Monday was super cool using this tool! So I will show you where to get it, and how to start using it as well.



How To Reply Instagram DM’s From Your Computer


If you have an actively running business on Instagram, you most likely wished for this. Think about the battle of typing long pieces of information to your customers, without any formatting options, all through the small buttons on your smartphone! Well, it’s all about to get easier, faster and more flexible.


Step 1: Have a desktop! or a laptop

lol.. I guess? You probably know that but if you don’t, you need to. This tool I will introduce you to works only on PCs (Windows, Linux and Mac) so you will need to get one along with a stable internet connection to download this software.


Step 2: Download IG DM

Launch your Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox web browser, then visit: https://www.igdm.me


Step 3: Download IG DM based on your operating system

Choose Windows if you use a Windows operating system, macOS if you use Mac, and Linux of course for linux users. The download should start immediately. The file size is about 69mb so depending on your internet speed, you will have to wait a little while for the download to get completed.


Step 4: Install & launch IG DM

Once the download is finished, install and launch the IG DM software by double-clicking the downloaded file. You will be prompted to provide your Instagram log in details. This is needed to establish a connection with your Instagram account so IG DM will be able to source and bring the Instagram DM experience to your desktop through the Instagram API.

Oh! Don’t mind my incorrect password below. I can be really forgetful when it comes to passwords. That gave me a lot of stress really, but its fine now.

By the way, once you provide your correct log in details, click the “Login to Instagram” button.


Step 5: Start messaging on Instagram right from your PC!

Well, here we are! Happily chatting. As you can see, I am happily chatting with my crush on Instagram right from my desktop.. lol. Don’t worry, you can’t find her, but she’s so fine, I wouldn’t need you stealing her right now.


So have you fallen in love with this tool just like I have? You need to go try it. Forget the fun part, it will really make your life and business easier and even make it much easier to do away with your phone when you need to without worrying about what you are missing or not.

So when are you gonna try this? Let me know how it worked for you in the comment section below! Join the conversation folks!

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