Having an e-commerce website for your business is a really big deal. And it’s something that takes a lot of effort and probably man-power to manage, especially when you are scaling big time.

But a lot of businesses are not ready to run a full e-commerce website. For reasons either being that they don’t have enough products to showcase on their inventory, or they don’t even have full control or know-how of their e-commerce process yet. Some are not even ready to go online at all.

This is where a call-to-order store comes very handy. There are no complex processes for your customers to go through nor the commitment to fulfill orders on your website.

All your customers do is view your range of products, pick one they are interested in and click a button to call you at once! Probably for order or inquiries. A very simple and efficient model.

Most e-commerce websites have an “Add To Cart”  button underneath every product. But in the case of a call to order store, you have something like, “Call To Order


So how do you go about creating a call to order store?

If you have an existing e-commerce website, this will be very easy to implement. And it’s easier to implement if your store runs on WooCommerce, the leading WordPress e-commerce plugin. In this guide, I will demonstrate the easiest way to add or convert your store to a call to order store.


How To Add a Call To Order Button in WooCommerce


To achieve this, you will need a plugin to modify the usual Add To Cart button in WooCommerce. As you know, plugins extend the power of WordPress. But in this case, maybe it’s not really much of extending. Let’s say hacking… (winks) – ethically.

There is a plugin that can help with this and it’s called WooCommerce Catalog Visibility Options




Once you download and install the plugin the usual way, all you need to do is to change some settings to achieve the “Call To Order” functionality.


Go to the WordPress admin and then WooCommerce -> Settings -> Visibility Options.

Set the following:

  • Purchases to Disabled
  • Catalog Add to Cart Button Text should be something like “Call to order
  • Alternate Content should be “Call to order: 123-456-7890”


WooCommerce Catalog Visibility Options Settings-page

WooCommerce Catalog Visibility Options – settings page.

Shop Page Call To Order

Shop page with a Call to order button

Single Product Call to Order

Single product page with call to order text and phone number


How was that? Easy?

Also, take a look at the Alternate Content field above. What do you notice?

You will find out it is a visual editor which means you can format your text in many ways from bold, italics, paragraphs, underlining, links and much more.

You can also use this area to give additional information your users actually need to know before calling to order that product.


So we have been through what a Call To Order store is and how to easily set up one of your own in WooCommerce. Is this something you would love to try out soon?


Let me know in the comments section below. 🙂

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