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Ayomide Johnson Eninla – Web Developer, Digital Marketer & Writer, Lagos State, Nigeria

Hi. I am Ayomide Johnson Eninla. Let me keep it simple. I build websites, as well as market products and services online. With a total follower community of over 20,000+ on my social platforms and growing, I have been able

How To Convert Any Website Into An Android App In 5 Minutes (No Coding Required)
How To Convert Any Website Into An Android App In 5 Minutes (No Coding Required)

Building your new website must have been a lot. Content, expense, time and energy. Now you probably felt you got it all until you heard recently that mobile applications are the future, especially Android and iOS applications. How are you


Beginners Guide To Building A Website In 2019

Want to create a website in 2019 but don't know how to start? This free guide will help you get a website online in less than an hour - even if you're a complete beginner.   Let's Get Started  

why your business needs a blog
Your Small Business Needs To Start Blogging – Here Is Why

Starting a blog is one masterpiece many business owners are not fixing into their puzzle. It's one of the best things you absolutely need to be doing for your business. Almost every business out there now has an online presence,

What I Think About The Samsung Galaxy S10 (Specs & Review)

It all came so fast, waking up to hear the Samsung S10 launch has been announced! Probably they needed to fit the launch of the s10 and the Samsung 10th anniversary, nice timing. And this smartphone comes with all the

My Instagram Growth Secret - Ayomide Johnson
How to convert your personal Instagram profile to a business profile

Index: How do I know if I have a personal or business Instagram profile? Step by step guide to convert my personal profile to business profile. Which benefits do I get by converting my Instagram profile to a business profile?

Use This Tool To Check If Your Domain Name Is Available

You are ready to build and host your website online, you also got the perfect domain name (web address) figured out; but how sure are you that your preferred domain name has not been locked down by someone else? Before you

My New Instagram Marketing & Automation Tool : PostMote

For quite some time now, I have been working on a tool to help companies, brands and individuals better manage their Instagram accounts. Guess what? I just launched it! It's called PostMote.     I will give an explanation of

How To Build A Nigerian Job Portal Website (No Coding Required)

Knowing how to build a Nigerian Job Portal Website and having one of your own is one great way to make steady income online. It's as simple as companies making use of your portal to inform the general public about

How To Build A Website For Your Nigerian Charity Organization
How To Build A Website For Your Nigerian Charity Organization (It’s Cheaper Than You Think)

Own a Non-Profit Charity Organization in Nigeria? Or thinking about starting one? Building a website for your Nigerian Charity Organization is a great way to spread the word out about your Nigerian non-profit organization. Besides you can use a website to

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