So, if you have been wanting to build your own Classifieds website (Just like JiJi, OLX, Jumia Deals or you have gone through the internet looking for tutorials all over the place but results proved abortive, then this Ultimate Guide is for you.

In this article, I will be teaching you how to build your very own Classifieds Website, and you will be good to go to start your online business; after all, everyone wants to make money online, don’t you? I’m sure that’s a yes.

Let me also assure you that there will be no coding or programming knowledge involved in this tutorial. Fear not! You will write no code! With the available resources I have to give you, you will have everything needed to start your very own Online Classifieds Business in less than 1 Hour.

Now, what is a Classifieds Websites?

A classifieds website is a place where people can buy and sell old, used, and new items. Majority of classifieds websites are categorized as below:


  • Job Boards
  • Cars
  • Real Estate
  • Second-Hand Items


  • By countries
  • States
  • Cities
  • Towns

So you see, a classifieds website is a place where you can easily buy and sell items. The good thing about classifieds is that they can be categorized into so many subpoints which offer endless possibilities.

Examples of popular classifieds websites in Nigeria include Jiji, OLX, Jumia Deals, Efritin (Closed Down).

The system of classifieds is really simple. Someone has something to sell, he simply visits the website, uploads pictures of his items, includes his contact information in the fields, then moments later, he starts getting buyers.

How Can You Make Money From A Classifieds Website?

As the owner of a classifieds website, there are several ways to make a lot of money from your classifieds business. I will explain them in summary:

  • Boosted Ads: When people upload their items on your website, they are using the basic free features your website has to offer. But every classifieds website has a premium feature for boosting ads, which offers more exposure to ads. You can make money from your classifieds website by creating Premium Boosting Packages which sellers can subscribe to in order to boost the exposure of their items and get more sellers. This is the key way of making money from a classifieds website. Visit websites like Jiji.ng and observe their boosting packages. In this tutorial, I will also show you how to run these boosting packages on your Classifieds Website. This leads us to the second way of making money from your Classifieds Website.
  • Google Ads: Most classifieds websites have reserved ad spaces on their websites for Google Adsense banners and links. This is a great way of monetizing the traffic of people who come to post their items on your website. You need a verified Adsense Account to be able to run Google Ads on your website. Read more on how you can get Adsense here.
  • Company & Sponsored Ads: When your classifieds business becomes really popular, most companies will surely notice and want to run advertisements on your website to get the attention of those who are visiting your website. This is another great way to make money from your classifieds website.

So, that said,

What Do You Need To Build Your Own Classifieds Website?

First, like I said, you need no coding knowledge because, in this article, I will show you the easy way to get started; but I expect you to have basic usage knowledge of the computer. At least you should know how to use the Keyboard, Mouse, and working with files like the usual copy and paste operations 😀

But just in case there’s something too complicated, I will show you how to go around that! Just follow the guide carefully. And if there are any questions, simply use the comment box below, or Contact Me

Secondly, if you want to succeed in creating your own Classifieds Website, you should have a working computer system and a stable Internet connection.

Firstly, I will be showing you how to get a domain name and hosting for your new website.

After wards, I will go fully into building the Classifieds Website itself. If you have an idea of getting a domain name and web hosting, or you already own a domain name, feel free to skip this part of the tutorial and Jump To Building A Classifieds Website.

So, what are we waiting for? Let’s get started.

Beginners Guide To Create Your Own Classifieds Website

The first step to creating your very own Classifieds Website is getting a website itself, and to get a website online you need a reliable web hosting service to help host your website.

I will show you how to get a reliable web hosting and domain name. I believe you have an idea of what a domain name is.

A domain name is the address of your website. It’s the unique identifier of your website. This website you are on is “www.ayomidejohnson.com.ng”. So my domain name is “ayomidejohnson.com.ng”. So, you should take note of that, although most people are not newbies to this, I just had to point it out..just in case.

You can get a domain name and host for your website for as low as N350! Yes, you heard. ‘Three-Hundred and Fifty Naira’

Really cheap right? That’s how easy it is, and I am going to show you how to get started. Now there are several hosting and domain providers in Nigeria, and you might need some time to make a great choice, but to save your time, here is a list of hosting companies I would recommend:

Visit each of those websites, and check out their awesome hosting plans. For this tutorial, I would be demonstrating with SmartWeb.

Smartweb offers hosting packages for as low as N350 and even free domain name packages (Applies to only .com.ng domains).

So let’s get started getting a domain name. Follow this guide and you are sure not to get lost. If you already have a domain and web hosting for your domain, you can skip this step.

Purchasing A Domain Name And Hosting Your Website

We will be using SmartWeb in this tutorial, but the steps to purchase your domain name and web hosting also apply to other hosting companies.


———————– STEP 1

Click Here to go to SmartWeb Official Website. Here is what it looks like when you visit.

Smartweb Homepage

————– STEP 2

Scroll Down a bit, then type in the URL/address you intend using for your Classifieds Website. Then click “SEARCH” to check for the availability

———- STEP 3

The next page will load afterwards. All you have to do is type in your preferred domain name again, then complete the verification captcha at the bottom, then click the SEARCH button afterwards. The next page will load the available domain extensions you can use and the various prices.

———— STEP 4

I used, “customname.com.ng” as my domain name, just for an example, since I already have an existing domain name and hosting account. Your preferred web address should be the domain name instead.

Here you can see that the name I chose is available and below it are the various domain name packages I can opt into. The .com.ng domain is just N980.00 so you might want to use that. Else, you can use the other packages depending on your requirement and budget.

Once you are ready to purchase, click “ADD TO CART”. A checkout button will appear immediately, simply click “CHECKOUT” and wait for the next page.

———- STEP 5

Now, you need to also add a hosting package to your cart. You can ignore the other green boxes, for now, just head over to the point that says, “[No Hosting! Click to Add]”, then click on the link. You will be directed to the Hosting order page.

———- STEP 6

The next page that loads after clicking the link shows you the available hosting packages you have. For starters, you can select the “Standard Package” which costs just N350 per Month/N3500 per year. This plan is good for you, as you can use it to carry out your test projects and start your online business small scale, pending when you will eventually go large.

The Standard Package offers you 10GB of Web Space, 30GB Bandwidth, 5 SQL Databases, Unlimited Email Accounts and many more other features.

Click the “Order Now” button to order your hosting.

———- STEP 7

Your preferred domain name will be pre-entered into the field. So just click “USE” to proceed.

———— STEP 8

Now, it’s time to checkout finally. You can decide to change your billing cycle from N350 Monthly to N3,500 yearly. Anyhow, you want it. Just make sure it suits your budget, but note that on the N350/Month plan, you will be charged every month, and if you fail to pay up before the required time, your website will be brought down after an extended period of grace. I prefer the yearly cycle, it helps me save money as well.

Once you have decided, click the “Continue” button boxed in red to check out.

————– STEP 9

On the next page, click “CHECKOUT”

Afterwards fill out the checkout form with the required fields. Also select your preferred payment option.

Once your order is successful, an Invoice will be generated for you. Then you will be asked if you want to Pay with Card, or make a direct transfer/deposit.

You will find the account details to pay into. Make the payment using whatever suitable method, and wait for a confirmation email.

Immediately as well, your account will be created, and your temporary hosting configurations will be sent to the email you provided. It will look something like this:

I blacked out some information for reasons of privacy, but the email you will get is no different.

You will have to wait for 24-48 hours for your domain to be propagated. Feel free to contact the SmartWeb support team if you have questions and issues, or Contact Me. If you don’t want to go through the hassle of domain and hosting purchasing, you can contact me too. I will help you out for FREE 😀

SO! That’s it on getting a domain name and hosting for your website.

Next, we should be rubbing our palms to building our very own classifieds website.

How To Build Your Own Classifieds Website

Now here is the technical part, and I would need you to pay serious attention if you are going to get it right. If you have your hosting account and cpanel ready, then you are good to proceed, and if you know how to use Xampp or Wamp Server, you are also good to install on your local machines.

Since in this tutorial, we are not coding our classifieds website from scratch, we need a ready-made solution to set up our Classifieds website. Wondering how we are going to get that? Just follow my lead.

———- STEP 1 : Go to CodeCanyon.net and search for “quickad”. If you are familiar with code canyon, it’s a place for a marketplace for software and applications.  Now you should have the search results for QuickAd.

Check out the price tag, it’s $69, that is, in Nigerian currency = N24,989.73.

Now, that’s on the high side, but you have a way around this.

I once purchased it, and I will be giving it to you. You can get more information about QuickAd on CodeCanyon.

I have the recent version of QuickAd on my Store, and you can simply order it for just N2,000. Once you make the order, all you need to do is pay with whatever method you can, then a download link will be generated for you to download it immediately.

You definitely need it to build your Classifieds Website.

Here’s how to purchase quickad from my store which leads us to step 2

————- STEP 2

Click Here to Access my store to download QuickAd, here is what the product description page looks like:

———— STEP 3

Click the “Add To Cart” button , then the “Checkout” button. You will be directed to the checkout page.

——– STEP 4

Fill out the checkout form as required, then make the order, you can select the “Pay With Card” option so you will be able to pay online, and if you wish, you can use the “Direct Transfer” method, but note that Paying with card actually makes your delivery fast because Immediately your Payment is successfully debited from your Card, you will see a download link instantly. But paying via Direct Transfer requires me verifying first, then confirm your order and so on, which may take up to 24 hours. So make your choice.

——- STEP 5

Once your order and payment are successful, you will get a blue download button as shown below. Click on it and QuickAd will immediately begin to download.

Installing QuickAd on Your Server


I will be taking this in the next updated version of this article. But I will give a summary of what you need to do.

First of all, copy all the contents in the quickad folder and paste to your server/localhost.

  • Run the Quickad directory. Type in your web address in your address bar
  • It will redirect to /install directory.
    • Step 1: Choose language. and click Next
    • Step 2: Create a database with phpmyadmin. Contact your hosting provider on how to get to your phpmyadmin page. You can also find it on your cPanel page. For users on localhost, simply access the phpmyadmin page by typing in : http://localhost/phpmyadmin
    • Step 3: Enter database dbhostname,dbusername,dbpassword,dbname. and click Next
    • Step 4: Enter Admin login details. and click Next
  • All is done Installation completed. visit your website and watch your Classifieds Website in action.

I hope that was easy for everyone. If you have any issue or feel you might find it hard to implement, click here to contact me . I am glad to help you out with anything.

Stay glued for the next updated series on this article, but make sure to complete and fully understand the processes outlined above.

In the next article, I will fully explain how to set up your Classifieds website, how to create categories, add products, create boosting packages, implement ads, and so much more.

If you want to get notified when I put release the next update, use the subscribe form below and you will get an email notification as soon as the next piece comes out.

So, what do you think? Are you ready to start your Online Classifieds business?

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