why your business needs a blog

Starting a blog is one masterpiece many business owners are not fixing into their puzzle. It’s one of the best things you absolutely need to be doing for your business.

Almost every business out there now has an online presence, I can guess you do as well, and you are very aware of your competitors. In fact, you keep tabs on them to see what they are doing, how you can learn from them, and even beat their strategy.

And talking about beating your competition’s strategy, one of the ways your business can stand out is by producing quality and helpful content related to your products and services. Creating helpful and quality content (blogging) about your products and services actually helps you gain trust and credibility from your potential customers.

Almost every buyer needs a little bit of information or advice before trying a product, and if they see that you are easier to approach, chances are, they will choose to come to you for that information and as well buy that product from you!

Blogging makes your business easy to approach


And if you are not easy to approach, chances are you have been losing a lot of customers simply because you have not started blogging!



Why Your Small Business Needs To Start Blogging


1. To Build Brand Awareness

Showing off your expertise as a brand is good, but building up your brand awareness and developing the approachability of your brand is better.

  • Blogging helps gear your visitors to your business, converting them to buyers.
  • A recent study shows that businesses that blog actively make more sales than business that hardly blog
  • Blogging can equally help speed up the conversion of your ad campaigns.


2. To Stay Ahead Of The Competition

Whether you like it or now, there will be tons of other businesses that provide the exact range of services you provide, but there will always be some form of difference in every business, so how do you show you are different? By blogging.

Blogging gives your business a different personality, differentiates you from the competition, and helps gives your potential customers a unique experience.


3. To Rank On Search Engines

When I talk on search engines, I focus more on Google, as it is the biggest and most used search engine in the world. Google loves websites and companies that produce fresh and unique content – and blogging is one way to get loved by Google.

It is also a way to generate free traffic and attract potential readers and buyers to your blog.


4. To Improve Your Social Media Reach

If you’re struggling to gain attention on social media, it just might be because you have neglected blogging. People won’t likely share your website on social media unless you have produced and published quality and helpful content.

When your business starts blogging, you are creating new opportunities for your content to be shared across social media platforms, while also giving yourself the ability to repurpose that same piece of content for different mediums.


5. To Build Communication With Your Customers

A standard blog has a comment section below every article. Do not under-estimate the power that section gives you! With your business blog, you can create content in a more personal and casual manner and have a conversation with your visitors in your comment section.  It’s easy to exchange ideas and help your readers know that they’re being heard by your business.


6. To Display Your Expertise

Blogging doesn’t just tell your potential buyers that you are at the top of your game, but it also makes you an influencer in your industry. Blogging develops your knowledge and communication skills, which are essential for your business growth and success.

When your buyers know you are an expert or a verified and learned dealer in your field, you earn their trust and chances of selling successfully to your audience.


7. Generate Sales

The ultimate goal for your business is to generate sales! The more sales you generate, the more your business grows, right? Blogging is your best bet. It opens your business to multiple sources of traffic, generates you leads which can in turn become customers.

Blogging seems difficult at the start, but it’s worth the start and once you set a regular routine and process for creating content, it becomes easy and your business grows overtime.




Blogging has many benefits, from driving traffic to your various products, communicating with customers, developing online reputation to building a repuatable online business presence.

Starting a blog for personal or business reasons is not hard. There are tons of free blogging platforms out there that can help you get started such as WordPress, Blogger and Medium.

You can go even a step further and create a professional business blog or website. This offers a lot of advantages and differentiates you from other businesses on the field.

Feel free to check out my guide on starting a blog.


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