Best Android Apps For Coding in 2018


“Hello, Ayomide. Please, I have a link I embedded on my website. It opens on the same window, and I want it to open in a separate window anytime someone clicks. Could you quickly solve that for me?”

“Oh, yeah sure. Give me a minute”

(Brings out my android phone, logs into the server, download source code, open with my android code editor, insert the “_blank”, upload)

“Okay Mr. Friday, it’s done. Anything else? :)”…….


Hi! Don’t get all caught up. You need to learn how to edit code on the GO too! Programming is fun when you have all the right tools at your disposal.

As a developer, you need tools to let you write, test and run code no matter the device you are using. Writing code on the computer is fine and “normal” but can it beat the convenience of writing, viewing or editing code from anywhere?

You don’t think so either. This is where mobile devices prove to be the boss. Computers are still the boss to me anyways

Mobile phones are just flexible, you can carry them anywhere and perform tasks at your comfort.

Just like we have several applications to write code on a desktop, the same applies to the Android ecosystem. From my count, I have stumbled on hundreds of Android code editors, (it’s probably thousands – I can’t count them all).

But of these hundreds, there are several drawbacks, cons, pros, features and I will say it’s hard to decide which tool may be the best for your coding needs on Android. You don’t wanna stuff up your memory installing apps on apps trying to find the perfect one. To solve that problem, I wrote this guide!

Together, we will look at the top code editing apps for Android! In no time, you will know how to write code on Android. I tried them out and from my professional discretion, you should probably just follow my lead. (Just saying) – Everyone else can go extensive, I know right. So let’s roll!


1. Quoda



Quoda, is my favorite!

It’s undoubtedly the best free code editor for android. Why do I love it? It doesn’t make you miss your PC one bit. It contains nearly all the features you have in your standard desktop code editor. Some of these features like syntax highlighting, code suggestions, bookmarking, indentation, and many others.

It supports a lot of programming languages like HTML, CSS, XML, JavaScript, PHP, C, C++, C#, Java, and many more.

It does something cool to your keyboard as well…

It adds extra keys to your keyboard to boost your typing speed and productivity. I didn’t mention this – It has the most wanted Find and Replace feature!

Other features you can find in the Quoda editor include:

  • Commenting and Uncommenting
  • HTML preview
  • Source code downloader
  • HTML Cleaner
  • FTP for uploads
  • Cloud Storage

Download Quoda Here


2. DroidEdit



I see DroidEdit as more of a text writer than a code editor, but all the same its packed as a code editor. It also has multi-language support just like Quoda. If you know Notepad++, then DroidEdit is a good comparison with it. It’s as simple as Notepad++.

DroidEdit also has support for FTP uploads in and out. You can also write to cloud storage providers such as Google Drive and DropBox. Hey, it has a special one down here. It integrates with Git. So you can push commits straight from your phone or tablet.

If you are a Git person, then DroidEdit is for you.

Apart from that, DroidEdit also offers syntax highlighting with support for more than 200 programming languages, built in themes and custom themes.

Just like Quoda, DroidEdit fixes extra keys on your keyboard to make your typing faster.

If you feel DroidEdit is for you, go for it dev!

Download DroidEdit here.


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3. CppDroid


CppDroid is simple and powerful!

Why all that power? Because it is dedicated for two of the most powerful programming languages – C and C++. It comes with a compiler too!

CppDroid allows you to edit, code, compile and execute C/C++ programs on your device without any difficulty.

Some of its features are:

  • Syntax Highlighting
  • Auto-Indentation
  • Code Completion
  • Diagnostics
  • Tutorial
  • Terminal Emulator to run compiled programs

In terms of storage, CppDroid supports and syncs with Dropbox. So you have the functionality of uploading and downloading code files from the cloud.

CppDroid also supports add-ons to further extend its power.

Download CppDroid here




Given the review, how do you determine the best Android code editor? It all depends on what you want and how you want it. Know what you need and choose the best code editor that meets your requirements.

So, which is your favorite android app for coding? Did I leave out your favorite? Please let me know through the comments.

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