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Hi. I am Ayomide Johnson Eninla. Let me keep it simple. I build websites, as well as market products and services online. With a total follower community of over 20,000+ on my social platforms and growing, I have been able to build a reputation of diverse solutions, products, and services for several businesses and individuals.

I started this career because I honestly enjoy working every day to create beautiful things that have the ability to impact others. Follow my page as I share, document and showcase my insightful thoughts, ideas, and products.

I am determined to build your next amazing digital product or idea and as well promote them to reach a wider audience. The question is…. “Will it be yours?”


My Blog

I publish articles on tech and personal development weekly on my blog.  Feel free to check them out.


Follow Me On Instagram

Follow me on Instagram @realmidejohnson. Link: https://instagram.com/realmidejohnson.

I have a growing community of over 14,000 followers. I document my thoughts, work & journey and also share insightful tips from this blog to my Instagram.


Visit My Page On Facebook

My official and brand name on Facebook is Ayomide Johnson. You can also follow my page via the direct link at: https://facebook.com/themidejohnson

I have a growing community of over 4,000 followers on Facebook and I as well document my thoughts, work & journey and as well share insightful tips from this blog on my Facebook page.


Follow Me On Twitter

I’m not so much of a Twitter Rookie, but feel free to follow and keep tabs with some of my tweets. Not so much of an influencer on Twitter, but it isn’t the goal either. lol.

My official Twitter handle is @realmidejohnson. Also follow me via the direct link at: https://twitter.com/realmidejohnson


Read My Articles On Medium

I have a small thriving community on Medium and folks love my writeups! It’s one of my favorite platforms too! Feel free to follow me on Medium @realmidejohnson. Also use the direct link at: https://medium.com/@realmidejohnson


Ayomide Johnson Eninla’s Works

From the start of my career till date, I have built over hundreds of websites…seriously and written over 100 articles. They are not viral but I believe someday I will find them somewhere in your collection of featured items. But what’s all the talk if I don’t have a place to showcase them?

Check out my works: https://ayomidejohnson.com/works

For my articles? I have them all on my blog anyways.


Do I Have Haters?

Yes! A lot of them. Definitely, when you are doing great stuff, people will get upset. Even on some cases, some people have put up my name as a fraudster on fraud websites, but it’s fine. I keep my relationship with my clients as simple and transparent as possible and trust me I get a lot of referrals. Hopefully, someone will look into those fake reviews and prove them wrong someday. Most of the things I do, my articles, showcasing my works, my social following, I guess that makes me look legit enough, so people actually ignore those reviews.

I still sign international contracts anyways. I hope my haters know this. lol


Can You Learn From Ayomide Johnson Eninla?

Definitely, Yeah? Just don’t ask me to teach you web development or digital marketing because you want to make money within a month. I won’t teach you. I need to know you have a passion for whatever you are going to learn. I didn’t start this career to make money. It was my passion, I always loved computers right from when I was a baby. I thought I was going to be something else eventually, but I still ended up a computer geek anyway.

I’m glad I am one. So, feel free to get in touch with me, please. I love mentoring.

I have a contact form on my website: https://ayomidejohnson.com/contact-me

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