Even after attending personal development seminars/courses, setting goals and working constantly on these goals, 96% of personal development efforts fail, COMPLETELY.


What is the reason for this? More importantly, how can it be prevented?


It has a lot to do with your personality type. Just like our bodies vary wildly in size, likelihood of disease, fat retention, our personalities are very much the same way.


When dealing with personal development, there are various types of people and various approaches to which they develop themselves.



These types of people have a strong prejudice towards taking action. They don’t see taking action as a fact, rather they see it as a belief. This set of people take “BIG ACTIONS” and are by and large the set of people who actually hit their set goals.


The deal for this people is taking many imperfect actions one at a time. Taking little actions over time will take you far ahead than when you do nothing at all. It’s just like a daily writing habit or training at the gym, taking small rarely perfect strides, day after day.


This set of people reach their goals whether they read a book, go to a seminar or not.

The little things you do repeatedly will lead to a big change in your life, eventually.


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These set of people always seek for a little ‘push or influence’ before taking action. They change only due to efforts or inspiration put into their personal development.


These people are naturally ‘not inclined to take big actions’ as applied to the first group of people. They suddenly become people in group one only when a coach, teacher or mentor lights a fire within them.


This doesn’t last long though, even though its most times enough to get them moving. External motivation is fine, but these set of people always need discipline to stay on top of their self-development habits most especially when motivation isn’t forthcoming.


If you are in this group, optimizing your environment is important. I will talk about that towards the end of this article.




These are people who spend their lives going from one personal development seminar to another, but nothing ever changes.

The only thing that makes them feel right is that “Hey, I am attending seminars, I’m feeding my mindset, it doesn’t matter if I don’t start now, I have all the right information, someday, I will find my key dealbreaker and launch big!”


These people wait for the next book, speech, article or video that will change their lives in an instant. These set of people live in critical environments. This leads me to the importance and effect of your environment on your self-development efforts.




Ever been to a motivational seminar or conference? You can probably relate to the incredibly “HIGH” spirits that flies around at the end.


You feel like you are ready to conquer the world and accomplish anything that comes to your mind no matter what it takes and get it done AND done! It’s always that strong, really.


Then few days after the event, the vibe starts wearing off and eventually everything just comes back to normal.


This is because of your environment. You left an intense uplifting environment and went back to your normal environment which houses all sorts of subconscious triggers and behaviors.


So how about making your environment just like that of the uplifting seminar environment? Imagine if you lived in that kind of environment every day; think about what you’d achieve eventually.


Make no mistake – Your environment is stronger than your will-power, and when your environment is bad, whatever change you hope to make won’t stick – You’ll keep running in circles, coming back to the same point every time.




First, you need to understand and become aware of the types of environment that make up your life then redesign an environment that is conducive to the person you want to become.


Upgrade your physical appearance. Exercise even if it’s once a week or during the weekends, dress a bit better, always groom yourself like you have an occasion in the next few moments.

Changing the way you dress and look will almost immediately change the way you feel. Try putting on your best shoes and see how you feel, FLY – right?


It’s also very important to upgrade your physical environment which is the main point. A clear and tidy physical environment leads to a clear mind.


It’s also necessary to upgrade your social environment. Change the network of people you interact with when necessary, unfollow irrelevant people on social media, put off people who are negative and move with folks who have the optimistic mindset.




Each time you upgrade one environment, the others are positively impacted as well. The main reason most personal development efforts fail is that most try to add in tons of new to-dos and routines to their lives.


In the end, they don’t take into account the impact of their environment on the routines they have set out for themselves.


It’s just not about setting personal development goals and routine. It’s about picking the right environment first, optimizing it to who you want to be then taking your BIG ACTIONS.


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