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Note that this is the Working Process which has worked OVER & OVER for me and several people. However you may use and follow this process and still get a negative response from Facebook. This all depends on the type of ads you placed initially that led to the ban, the age of your ad account and the Facebook reviewers personal decision. I won't be held liable for any further rejections from Facebook after following this guide.

Module 1: Getting Back A Disabled Ad Account


Open your Browser. Preferable Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. In your address bar, visit the link below to access your Facebook Ads Manager


Screenshot 391


Click the drop-down option beside “Campaigns” to select your affected Ad Account. From the image below, I have several ad accounts but the affected one is Client Ad Account.

Make sure you are able to identify your affected/disabled ad account. Once you find it, click on the Ad Account Name once.

Screenshot 392


You can see that Facebook has already placed the notification “Ad Account Disabled” at the top. So I am certain that is my disabled ad account. Now, click on the “See Details” button right under the notification. That will take you to the Ad Account Review Page.

Screenshot 393

STEP 3a:

Sometimes, depending on the type of Ad account ban, you may not see that notification or the “See Details” button. If that’s the case, here’s what you should do.

Click the 6-dot icon at the left side of the screen (See image below). Then click “Account Quality” in the dropdown that comes out. 

Screenshot 394

STEP 3b:

On the next page, choose your affected Ad Account.

Screenshot 395

If you followed the steps above, you should finally land on this page below! 

Screenshot 396


Once you get to the Ad Account review page, click the “Request Review” button.

Screenshot 397


On the next page, fill the form carefully.

– Make sure you select your affected Ad Account

– In the “Why are you requesting a review?” area, you can type the following inside the box or something closely similar:

Hello support. Please help look into my ad account. There must have been a mix up as I’m certain my ads followed policies. Cheers!

Sometimes I like to also select the “I’m not sure which policy was violated” option. It has given me a 90% positive feedback rate.

Once done, click the “Send” button.

Screenshot 398 1


On the next page, you will see this. It means your review has been submitted and you’ll have to wait for Facebook to give a feedback. It usually takes between 48 hours to 1 week for them to respond.

On special cases, it takes 1 month.

You can always check the Support Inbox to see the Ad Account status after submitting the review. Here’s the link to the Support Inbox below:

Screenshot 399


If your request is accepted, you will get a notification from Facebook. You will get a message like this below confirming that your Ad Account has been restored. This particular review actually took less than 3 hours!

Screenshot 400

Follow the same process to appeal for a Restricted Facebook Account or Business Account.
The chance that a Restricted Facebook Account will be restored is very low but Ad & Business Accounts have higher restore rates.

If your Facebook account has been restricted, consider buying an old Facebook account of 1 - 10 years as you may not be able to successfully create ads with a brand new Facebook account.

Module 2: Advertising With A New Account - What To Expect & The Requirements

The last alternative when Facebook permanently restricts your account from advertising is to create a Brand New Facebook Account or buy an existing Facebook Account.

Now as easy as opening an account sounds, using it to advertise is the HARD PART.

Whenever you try to advertise with with a new Facebook Account, the first thing that happens is that Facebook automatically disables the Ad Account! Then requests that you upload an ID to verify if you are the owner of the account. In fact, in most cases you might even get locked out of the account.

Now if you used a fake name or nick name to open your account, it might be impossible to get an ID for that name. (National ID, Drivers License, Voters Card or International Passport).

So whenever you want to open a new Facebook account to advertise, here are some things you should PLEASE DO:

  1. Use a different device or computer to open the account.
  2. When opening the account, ensure to use your real names (As also printed on your ID Card). You can also alternate it a little so it doesn’t look like an exact duplicate of your old account. For instance if your name is “Chinedu Godwin Bello” and it also appears on your ID as same, you can open the new account with this name: “Godwin Chinedu Bello”. Just make sure your last name remains the last.
  3. Immediately you open the account, make it active before running any ads. Upload 10 of your photos that are not on your former account. Upload a profile picture and a cover photo as well. Also make sure your number is added to your profile (THIS IS IMPORTANT)
  4. After 2 – 3 days of opening the account, you can try visiting your Ad Manager to create the adverts. You might even experience no disturbance (It has happened in few cases), but in case you suddenly experience an instant Ad Account Ban (Which is what we are actually expecting), then it’s time to put your ID Card to work.
  5. Facebook will ban your Ad Account and request that you verify your Identity. Simply upload your government-issued ID Card and you’ll be good to go within 24 hours as long as the ID Card you uploaded is original!
You will get a message identical to the one below after the review process is complete.
To see this or keep track, just go to your Ad Account Quality Area. (I showed how to do this in Module 1)
Screenshot 412

Module 3: Website/Landing Page Advertising Requirements

Many people lose their Ad Accounts because of common mistakes like sending traffic to a website that violates policy.

Here are some things to check & make sure of before running ads to ANY website.


–> The Website Address: Make sure the website url is compliant & simple. Avoid use of free hosted websites as it doesn’t tell Facebook that you are a reputable advertiser. Make sure you are using a fully owned .com or .ng domain. Also make sure your website address doesn’t contain trigger words like “”, or “loseweight” or “financialdistress” or “anythinghealthrelated”. If possible to be on the safe side, let your website be named with your personal name.


–> Check for HTTPS/SSL: Make sure any website you are running ads to is fully secured with SSL. A fully secured website has a padlock icon that looks like this:

Screenshot 413


–> Make Sure Privacy Policy & Terms Links Are Intact!: Many people ignore this and send traffic to any website they so wish and eventually get their account banned. Every website or landing page you send Facebook to MUST have Privacy Policy & Terms links intact! Make sure the links are clickable and leads to the respective Privacy Policy Pages.

Here is what a Privacy Policy & Terms link looks like:

Screenshot 414

Module 4: Common Banned Words/Ad Types That Can Get Your Ad Account Shut Down!

–> Promoting “Make Money Online” Schemes: If you are going to create an Ad around an online opportunity, avoid using words like “Financial Freedom”, “Opportunity”, “Cash”, “Money”, “Make money online”, “Online Business”. Reword all your ad copies or best still, hire a copywriter to help with that.

–> Promoting Health/Beauty Products: Facebook has a clear issue with Health Products/Supplements. If you are going to promote health/beauty products, avoid giving guarantees or claims. Avoid use of before/after pictures. Avoid posting affected skin areas or referring to personal attributes of individuals. Avoid questions like, “Do you have diabetes”, “Or do you have cancer”, ‘Or do you have skin issues”. Go straight to the point, just talk about the product and direct them to order!

–> Promoting Sex Toys/Adult Products: Don’t bother promoting these. Your ad account will get shut down immediately!

–> Copyright Infringement: Avoid creating video ads that contain the songs/music/picture of a popular music artiste or even anyone at all. They may get rejected for copyright infringement.

–> Promoting Fake Currency/Cryptocurrency/Hacking: Avoid creating ads that talk about a currency of the future, crypto, or hacking or sale of  nulled programs, softwares, etc.

–> Excessive Characters, Punctuations & Symbols: Avoid using too much emojis in your adverts. Most people have the habit of writing their ads with FULL CAPS! Avoid it at all costs. Even if you are going to use it, please let it be used on 1 or 2 cases. 

–> Your Ad Image: Avoid use of icons in your Ad Images. Like Play buttons, Yes/No buttons. Instead of buttons, create something like a wide banner in your ad image and add your Call to Action inside.

–> AVOID WEIGHT LOSS ADS IF POSSIBLE: If you are going to promote Weight Loss Products, use images of people working out or eating healthy. Don’t show before/after pictures, or pictures of big bellies, images of someone on a scale.

–> Promoting MLM: Many people promote MLM in the WRONGEST WAYS. You CAN’T just drop all the details of your MLM in an ad and expect it to run. You will be banned INSTANTLY!. Rather, when running MLM Ads, simply invite your prospects to a presentation on WhatsApp or direct them to your website. From there you can give more details about your MLM. Avoid talking about incentives, cars, travel locations, or the monetary benefits

Module 5: How To Create Several Backup Ad Accounts With A Business Manager Account

NOTE: The steps in this video may not work for you if you are trying this with a Brand New Facebook Account. To be able to successfully create a Business Account, you need to have been advertising for some weeks (About 4 – 6 weeks) before the feature is opened to you.

If you are unable to create the Business Account, continue to advertise on your Personal Ad Account for a while and keep checking till the feature is opened to you.

Module 6: Bonus Courses - Mobile Facebook Ads Course