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June 22, 2021 2022-02-10 23:41

Ayomide Johnson Eninla

Digital Entrepreneur, Coach, Designer & Marketing Expert


Who Is Ayomide Johnson?

Ayomide is one of Nigeria's Most-Feared Digital & Marketing Experts. He has helped thousands of ambitious individuals & businesses to start, grow & scale profitable online businesses.

He also founded TheSizzle (, One Of Nigeria's Biggest Business & Social Media Growth Platforms with over 15,000 Users.

Till date, Ayomide has organized several trainings & mentorship programs - equipping over 2000+ individuals & giving them access to different proven methods of turning ZERO to Millions through Tested & Legal Means.

It all started for him as a teenager. Helping his dad run his Cyber Cafe, and using his access to the internet to consume several blogs, tutorials, videos & books on Coding, Marketing, Design & Finance. He was able to grow his skills & expertise into an 8-Figure Business.

My Creative Journey

There's always a good thing to be said about working with passionate creatives that genuinely love what they do. I am no different.

I started this journey because I enjoy working everyday to create beautiful products that has the ability to impact others.

It has also become my life's mission to help other people learn & grow new online skills, help them become profitable, thus achieving financial freedom.

This is why I create & upload Free Courses on Youtube - to help people become Financially Free 

My creative journey has also been a very adventurous one and I find joy sharing my thoughts, experience, works & insights via all my social media platforms - Instagram, Twitter & Facebook.

Get Skilled, Become Profitable

Check out some of my courses that teaches you some of the skills & secrets you can use to make money work for you.

Basic Web Design & Development

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Local Dropshipping & Arbitrage

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